What is a Responsive Website? Do I need one? 

It's not magic, but it is very close! A responsive website automatically detects the user's device and adjusts its design to display perfectly. This means that when viewed on smaller screens, a responsive website will adjust the layout so that it becomes narrower with larger links that are more suited to finger-touch than mouse-pointer and likewise, expands when viewed on larger screens. 
Responsive websites load faster than conventional mobile friendly websites and as speed is an important factor in getting - and keeping - web visitors to your web site, it must not be overlooked. 
Responsive website design by it'seeze websites Peterborough
Responsive website design by it'seeze websites Peterborough produce better results

What is the difference between "responsive" and "mobile-friendly"? 

Good question and one that many web design companies don't seem to explain properly.  
A responsive website is a single website that works on all devices. The term "mobile-friendly" is a very broad generic term that also includes other methods of rendering a webpage on different devices, including having a separate mobile website.  
Whilst having a separate mobile-friendly site helps sort out the problem of a website showing properly on a mobile, two web sites require twice the effort to update, optimise for search engines (SEO), build links, traffic and social shares and to track and react to analytics data. And Responsive websites load faster than a separate mobile web site. According to Google, 40% of people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load! 
And as Google has just announced in November 2016 that it proposes to move to "mobile-first indexing" a responsive website is a must! (Read more about Google's Mobile First Indexing on their blog

How do you test your website is mobile friendly? 

Google have a simple test to check your website is mobile-friendly. This test will analyse a URL (website domain name address) and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design. Click on this link to Google' Mobile Friendly Test 
Of course, you now know that you don't just want a mobile-friendly website, you want a Responsive website - Contact us for more details about our web solutions, or take a look at our plans 
Learn more about the mobile-friendly criteria and how it may affect Google's search results by reading the Google blog post. 
Responsive website design that lets you control what shows on a mobile website
Can I show different content on a mobile? 
Yes, you can. This might be important if the content doesn't work at a different size - perhaps a map image, for example. With an it'seeze website, you can easily decide what to show, when and on which device.  

Remember this headline from April 2015? "Slow mobile-unfriendly websites will suffer in the new Google update" 

There was a lot of hype and mis-information around Google's update on 21st April 2015. As Google strives to keep ahead of it's search engine competitors, they recognised the increasing importance of mobile-friendly websites as there has been an exponential increase in searches from mobile devices. Google wants to deliver results that work. 
Lots of web design companies jumped on it as an excuse to sell mobile-friendly websites. Fair enough, as many businesses may have suffered but as we have explained here, mobile-friendly isn't the whole story. If you don't choose it'seeze, do make sure you work with a company that can give you a responsive website design that you can edit and control yourself.  
Responsive website designs by it'seeze websites Peterborough get better results on Google

Google announces in November 2016 it makes further changes with "Mobile First Indexing" 

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