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Editing Your it'seeze Website 

How to edit text in your it'seeze website 

A quick look at how to edit text using the it'seeze editing system 

How to Move and Hide Pages on your it'seeze Website 

A simple guide to moving and hiding pages using the it'seeze cms built into your it'seeze website 

How to add, remove and delete component options in your it'seeze website 

A step by step guide showing you how you can add, remove and delete various component options that make up your it'seeze website. 

How to SEO your it'seeze website Part 1 

Part 1 of 2, this "How To" video shows you how to SEO your title tags, description text and alt text within the it'seeze website system. 

Expert SEO friendly copywriting 

Stuck and don’t know what to write? Or too busy to research the keywords that your website needs to work properly. 
We can take care of this, writing individual pages or all your pages. We will produce 300+ words (which is the target for SEO effectiveness) and ensure they are SEO-friendly and relevant to the page and topic 
From £20 + VAT per page  

Web images & photography 

The ‘copyright police’ are getting busier and an increasing number of businesses fall foul of copyright rules and use images they don’t have permission for. We have access to stocks of millions of images for our customers and can help you find just the right picture.  
We can also provide a photography service, or help with editing your own images 
Some images are free of charge. Photography costs can vary 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) 

The unique it’seeze website editing system helps with built-in SEO tools so you can easily review the all-important meta details.  
We can help with keyword and key phrase research to pinpoint the optimum words to use on your website and monitor the position and ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our competitor analysis helps you learn what others are doing and whether you should make similar changes to your website.  
From £55 + VAT 

Google Adword campaign help 

Pay-per-click campaigns can work extremely well, but unless regularly reviewed and managed they can quickly become an expensive waste as search engines deliver visitors to your website who are looking for something else. We will constantly review the market and web traffic and update your campaigns to maximise their effectiveness 
From £25 + VAT per week 

Powerful Commerce solutions 

Selling online has never been easier with an it’seeze website. We can give you extra help to manage bulk uploads of products, prices and specifications.  
We can also help you to minimise the labour-intensive process to transfer from your previous supplier to an it’seeze website. 
From £45 + VAT 

Email campaigns with full integration 

An it’seeze website can help you build a customer or prospect database with easy-to-create forms and our Max and Commerce packages integrate with MailChimp, a popular bulk email facility. We can help you design and manage email templates and campaigns that will help you keep in touch and build a rapport with your web visitors. 
From £75 + VAT