it'seeze Websites Peterborough signs up for PayFair - why don't you? 

Peterborough and the surrounding area is a great place to build a business. However, we were surprised and disappointed to learn that in 2014, 620 Peterborough businesses closed due to insolvencies caused by late payments. Today, as many as 20% of company insolvencies are caused by late payments. 
The PayFair website reports that "1 in 7 businesses in the East of England have invoices that are more than 30 days overdue – that’s over 750 businesses within Peterborough." 
So we agree with the new scheme recently launched in our area and want to encourage others in and around Peterborough to sign up to PayFair - and encourage their clients, customers, and suppliers to do likewise. 
As the campaign points out, if we all pay each other on time, businesses will thrive and there will be more work to go around. Let's all do our bit and lead the way for the UK and make Peterborough a city with zero tolerance for late payment! 
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