We have been talking about how important it is to have your website working properly on a mobile. But it isn't always convenient to physically check your mobile - and what about other makes of mobile or operating systems?  
There is another way using your browser and desktop... 
Check how your website looks on a mobile
Most of us now use our mobiles to browse the web, and Google has decided it needs to follow the trend and change the way it indexes websites, referencing website information shown to a mobile user, rather than relying on the desktop version of the website, which is what has happened previously. This might mean you need to look again at your website structure, even if you have a "mobile-friendly" or a mobile version of your website.  
Let's look at this in more detail... 
mobile first indexing

 A fabulous, clean and simple-to-navigate website for PPS 

It has been a pleasure working with the team at PPS to create their innovative new website, which is all about fundraising ideas for schools, clubs, and charities through producing their own calendar and other printed materials.